On the Road to Viridian City

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Episode 47

Episode 47:
Did... he just slice that jar in half with a scalpel in mid-air?
Holy shit!!!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Episode 46

Episode 46:
Charizard is a badass. Pikachu could still kick its ass, but Charizard > Aerodactyl.

Episode 45

Episode 45:
Jigglypuff is an asshole.

Episode 44

Episode 44:
lol Charmeleon thought he was the shit.
And Pikachu put him back in his place. Nice.

Episode 43

Episode 43:
You'd think they might have some sort of law against casting hypnosis on humans. If there wasn't, I'd just take everyone's money as extraordinarily large tips. :P

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Episode 42

Episode 42:
lol I like Ash's name: Tom Ato
Pikachu deserves more ketchup.

Episode 41

Episode 41:
The people in the town have been without food for over 2 weeks?
Thems be some dead peeps.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Episode 40

Episode 40:
Team Rocket's blasting off again!!

Episode 39

Episode 39:
I hate this episode.
How dare you toy with my emotions! D:<

Episode 38

Episode 38:
And another banned episode.
That's... and interesting way to represent a computer.
lol... The "vaccine" just turned into an x-wing.
Wow. I now see WHY it was banned.

Episode 37

Episode 37:
Ah... Ditto. You're only useful when the pokemon you're battling is about 5-10 levels lower than you.

Episode 36

Episode 36:
Walking 10 miles turns the sky dark? Who's walking? That's like a 3 hour walk...
lol. You know a town's gone bad when the newly constructed bridge (which is still in construction) has already been claimed as gang territory.
Did they REALLY stop for a break on the 10 mile bridge? It's 10 miles, it's not a marathon. lmao
Look at these fools. "Hell yeah. I'm a badass. Check out mah bike. It's got stars on the wheels. His has plastic zapdos mask on the handlebars. That means we're pros."

He sends out a Golem (Which WAY overpowers anything Ash has...) so instead of sending out Squirtle, Ash sends out.. Bulbasaur... and then Charmander. Nice choices, Ash.  U.U

Misty: "Cloyster...It's a water pokemon!." "Ash, let me take this one!"

Me: "WHAT? Ash, send Pikachu in there and end this before I cry. Misty doesn't have shit against that."
lol "If you want to pass you're going to have to battle us!" "Oh, what? You're trying to help someone? Oh. THEN WE SHALL ESCORT YOU!"

Episode 35

Episode 35:
Yup. It was banned in America. Yep. There really is no reason for it. (In my book, anyhow.)
Either way, Old dude acted like Billy the Kid, old dude shouldn't shoot worth shit, old dude somehow managed to let Team Rocket confiscate BOTH guns... though they were both always holstered to his hips.
So disappointing..

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Episode 34

Episode 34:
...but you look like you really didn't know, so I'm going to let you go with a warning this time.

If only life really did work that way.

When you cut the fuel line and ignite the fuel, that big metal kangaskhan stops moving... it's doesn't get to power up.
Goodbye mama and papa. You both died when you flew your helicopter into the fray. You don't get to stand back up out of the wreckage.

Episode 33

Episode 33:
Hell yeah, Pikachu. Riding a Squirtle like a badass.
And whoever that is racing by running atop a voltorb/electrode uphill... he won that race. If you can do that bullshit, you've just won in my book.
Lol Ponyta went super-saiyan.

Episode 32

Episode 32:
lol What? Bulbasaur knows whirlwind? When did THIS happen?
I like how this "master ninja" figure appears only after a voltorb commits suicide.
Charmander has Flamethrower and you choose to make it use ember? o.O

Update 1.0

Hey, guys!

So I've also randomly decided to play the pokemon games, too!
Definitely won't be targeting to finish them all by the end of the year, though. We'll talk about game progression next year! ;D

Anyway, thought you guys might also like a change in the music!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Episode 31

Episode 31:
Ash.. c'mon. Throw a pokeball every once in a while. Diglett/Dugtrio would be a great companion!

Episode 30

Episode 30:
Lol Ash was actually smart this episode.

First he captured the Muk, as he should have.
Then he sent it to Oak, as he should have. (Nobody wants to smell that shit.)
My only qualm is that he didn't even try to capture a magnemite. >.>

Episode 29

Episode 29:
Ash gave his P1 champion pokemon to a trainer... so the trainer could turn it into a P1 champion.
Ash.. it's already a P1 champion... u.u

Episode 28

Episode 28:
Vulpix done fucked up team Rocket.
I would never have put it in a pokeball. That fox would have been my pikachu, hangin out on my shoulder.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Episode 27

Episode 27:
So Team Rocket blasts off again. And when they fall... they DON'T use the gliders they flew in on? o.O

Episode 26

Episode 26:
These badges are really cool. I think I'm going to try and create a close replica of them all at some point. I think it'd be pretty cool! Perhaps have them based with silver and have inlaid gemstones. (Maybe I'm talking specifically about the rainbow badge here, but I'm sure the others would be pretty cool to replicate, too! ...Then again, gemstones can get a little pricey. Maybe I'm just dreaming again. xD )

Episode 25

Episode 25:
Charmander had an awesome sexy pose.
I can buy that hat on ebay for 10 bucks.
Ash's Hat

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Episode 24

Episode 24:
Ash so doesn't deserve that badge. No way he won that.
Also, Team Rocket is dead. That is all. (I'm not really sure how they "blasted off", but in my book, that never happened.)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Episode 23

Episode 23:
If I became a ghost, I'd probably... yeah. Nevermind.

Episode 22

Episode 22:
lol... The cake is a lie.

Episode 21

Episode 21:
Damn you, sad episodes!
...but then you totally killed it when you went from sad, emotional music to the pokemon theme song. Thanks.

Episode 20

Episode 20:
Really? ...a Venustoise?
Every pokemon took him on one at a time... why?

Monday, January 10, 2011

Episode 19

Episode 19:
Damnit, Misty. First you say you hate bugs because they look gross, and now you get pissed when people are disgusted by the looks of a tentacool. Get over yourself. >.>
Two thoughts continuously populated my mind when I saw Tentecruel.
2) All your base are belong to me.

Episode 18

Episode 18:
That old lady belongs in a horror movie.
Pidgiotto deserves a hefty fine for such a large amount of littering.
The old man kind of creeped me out when he blushed at Misty and said: "You remind me of my granddaughter."

Episode 17

Episode 17:
Giant pokemon? What?
Who WOULDN'T try to catch one of them?
Grow some balls and throw one! D:<

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Episode 16

Episode 16:
So Gyarados popped up.
Pikachu could have taken him.

Episode 15

Episode 15:
...I would have bought the magikarp.
Anyway, who trades a Butterfree for a Raticate? Nobody likes training a Metapod!

Episode 14

Episode 14:
This episode just proves how much of a badass pikachu is.
I never really liked raichu, anyway.

Episodes 8-13

These were watched today, but I haven't posted about them.
So now I will. :)

Episode 8:
AJ is a trainer with a future ahead of him. He loves his pokemon, and is inspired by success. He trains his pokemon, invents tools to make them stronger, and feeds them his own blend of pokemon food.
Yes. AJ is a pro.

Episode 9:
GTFO! I go to an expensive school and do not have snobby parents. >.>
Anyway, this school is full of ignorant assholes who look down on others. I admit, the girl should have won the fight, but in human interaction, that's an F, miss.

Episode 10:
Bulbasaur is also a badass.

Episode 11:
Damien, if you didn't want the Charmander, you can just give it to me. I'll turn it into something nice. :)

Episode 12:
The squirtle squad is just a group of sissy turtles. A group of big, empty threats. However, nice shades bro.

Episode 13:
Dragonite should have kicked Team Rocket's ass to the moon. His trading card isn't foiled for nothing!

Episodes 1-7:

So I started watching yesterday and only today decided to blog about it. So this post will be about the episodes watched yesterday.

January 8th, 2011

Episode 1:
I LOVE how they started this anime! The transition from the old Game Boy (Red or Blue, take your pick) into the anime really brought the game to the show.

For those of you who are wondering, I have seen a bunch of episodes from the Pokemon series before, but nothing like what I'm currently doing.

Those Spearows are assholes and Pikachu is a badass. I think that just about sums up this episode. :)

Episode 2:
Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny. Yes. More continuations from the games! Team Rocket decided to show up in Episode Two. We also see Misty in this episode.
What a bitch.

Episode 3:
I always liked how quickly Caterpie evolved. It makes me wonder if it was really because he wanted to fly, or perhaps it was because Misty pissed him off and Ash kept sending him into battles that would kill him. Either way, he made a good choice. Sorry, Pidgeotto, you lost that fight. Pikachu's too much of a badass for you.

Episode 4:
This samurai kid is a jerk.
...and two metapods? What the hell!?
NOBODY does that!

... should have caught that damned Weedle.

Episode 5:
Brock won that. Take the badge back, he didn't deserve it. There is no way Pikachu delivered a strong enough shock to beat Geodude. beyond that, Onyx would have won yet again against Pikachu. Hooking the mouse up to a water mill doesn't do anything. Sorry.

Episode 6:
Ash... the Zubat. ALWAYS catch a pokemon if given the chance. Remember the Weedle? Beedrill + Butterfree = Great Team.

... Brock knew.

Episode 7:
Those sisters are annoying. It's no wonder Misty is such a bitch.

First Post: The Start

Hey guys, so I decided to take on the monstrous task of watching the complete Pokemon series from start until finish.
Yes. That is currently at a whopping thirteen seasons and 650 episodes in total.

This is my new years resolution: To watch the entire Pokemon Series from start until finish. That is -- From episode one until the series ends. (To episode 650 or after depending if the series continues.)

I will try to post as often as I can to update my progress.

Thanks for the support!