On the Road to Viridian City

Friday, January 28, 2011

Episode 36

Episode 36:
Walking 10 miles turns the sky dark? Who's walking? That's like a 3 hour walk...
lol. You know a town's gone bad when the newly constructed bridge (which is still in construction) has already been claimed as gang territory.
Did they REALLY stop for a break on the 10 mile bridge? It's 10 miles, it's not a marathon. lmao
Look at these fools. "Hell yeah. I'm a badass. Check out mah bike. It's got stars on the wheels. His has plastic zapdos mask on the handlebars. That means we're pros."

He sends out a Golem (Which WAY overpowers anything Ash has...) so instead of sending out Squirtle, Ash sends out.. Bulbasaur... and then Charmander. Nice choices, Ash.  U.U

Misty: "Cloyster...It's a water pokemon!." "Ash, let me take this one!"

Me: "WHAT? Ash, send Pikachu in there and end this before I cry. Misty doesn't have shit against that."
lol "If you want to pass you're going to have to battle us!" "Oh, what? You're trying to help someone? Oh. THEN WE SHALL ESCORT YOU!"

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