On the Road to Viridian City

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Episodes 1-7:

So I started watching yesterday and only today decided to blog about it. So this post will be about the episodes watched yesterday.

January 8th, 2011

Episode 1:
I LOVE how they started this anime! The transition from the old Game Boy (Red or Blue, take your pick) into the anime really brought the game to the show.

For those of you who are wondering, I have seen a bunch of episodes from the Pokemon series before, but nothing like what I'm currently doing.

Those Spearows are assholes and Pikachu is a badass. I think that just about sums up this episode. :)

Episode 2:
Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny. Yes. More continuations from the games! Team Rocket decided to show up in Episode Two. We also see Misty in this episode.
What a bitch.

Episode 3:
I always liked how quickly Caterpie evolved. It makes me wonder if it was really because he wanted to fly, or perhaps it was because Misty pissed him off and Ash kept sending him into battles that would kill him. Either way, he made a good choice. Sorry, Pidgeotto, you lost that fight. Pikachu's too much of a badass for you.

Episode 4:
This samurai kid is a jerk.
...and two metapods? What the hell!?
NOBODY does that!

... should have caught that damned Weedle.

Episode 5:
Brock won that. Take the badge back, he didn't deserve it. There is no way Pikachu delivered a strong enough shock to beat Geodude. beyond that, Onyx would have won yet again against Pikachu. Hooking the mouse up to a water mill doesn't do anything. Sorry.

Episode 6:
Ash... the Zubat. ALWAYS catch a pokemon if given the chance. Remember the Weedle? Beedrill + Butterfree = Great Team.

... Brock knew.

Episode 7:
Those sisters are annoying. It's no wonder Misty is such a bitch.

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