On the Road to Viridian City

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Episodes 8-13

These were watched today, but I haven't posted about them.
So now I will. :)

Episode 8:
AJ is a trainer with a future ahead of him. He loves his pokemon, and is inspired by success. He trains his pokemon, invents tools to make them stronger, and feeds them his own blend of pokemon food.
Yes. AJ is a pro.

Episode 9:
GTFO! I go to an expensive school and do not have snobby parents. >.>
Anyway, this school is full of ignorant assholes who look down on others. I admit, the girl should have won the fight, but in human interaction, that's an F, miss.

Episode 10:
Bulbasaur is also a badass.

Episode 11:
Damien, if you didn't want the Charmander, you can just give it to me. I'll turn it into something nice. :)

Episode 12:
The squirtle squad is just a group of sissy turtles. A group of big, empty threats. However, nice shades bro.

Episode 13:
Dragonite should have kicked Team Rocket's ass to the moon. His trading card isn't foiled for nothing!

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